Monday, May 30, 2011

Virtual Wind Tunnel: Streamlines Cp (Pressure Coefficient)

The pictures below show the streamlines for the CFD "virtual wind tunnel" simulation of a Kyosho Mini-Z MR03 Mazda 787b 3D model, "racing" at 10 m/s (36 km/h).

In this type of simulation a streamline is the theoretical path that a particle flowing around the vehicle would describe.

There are five different pictures, one for each of the following rear wing configurations: no wing, flat wing, 45 degree wing, gurney flap, scoop wing. 

Both the car and lines are colored according to the pressure coefficient (Cp). Red represents higher pressure regions, blue represents lower pressure ones.

No Wing - Cp
Flat Wing - Cp
45 Degree Wing - Cp

Gurney Flap - Cp

Scoop Wing - Cp

For complete results of the Mini-Z MR-03 CFD "virtual wind tunnel" simulation click here.

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